was a Fakealleo that was genetically engineered by Fakegee to replace Daieegee. Contrary to popular belief, he is not Daieegee's relative. He has Fakegee's DNA while Daieegee has his own DNA. He later met two friends, Python and Distevie, and declared them his new relatives, even though he just met them and they were not related to him at all. Later he was befriended by Python and Distevie's parents in hopes that he could help them win the Daieegeeverse - Cloudia War. When Cloudia fell, he and his adoptive family escaped to an area that later became The Daialleo Star Cluster.


  1. Daialleo Stare- He can give any Fakegee the ultra seal. (Except Daieegee, Beegee, and Meegee)
  2. Teleportation
  3. Telepathy