When it was created at the beginning time, it was known as Do Kin'Shunghi. The name was later translated in english. It meant the Star Cluster of Life due to the fact this cluster was full of life. It was then transformed into an overly massive black hole during the Great Multiversal Extinction. It was part of the Forgotiverse at the time, until Daieegee changed the Forgotiverse back to a habitable state. Every organic and synthetic lifeform was restored back to it's original state before the Vyborgitron Invasion. In one section, everybody voted for it to be called the Daieegeeverse, because Daieegee was the one who restored the Forgotiverse back to a habitable state.

The Daieegeeverse.

The Nexus GateEdit

The Nexus Gate is a portal in the Daieegee Star Cluster that leads to an all synthetic universe. No one has ever returned. (The big yellow portal).


Portal- Nexus Gate

Red Stars- Inactive Vyborgitron

Group of Stars Outside of the Daieegee Star Cluster: Yingor Colonies

Red Star in front of the Nexus Gate- Daidroid's Ship