Kojeegee AKA Arukeegee

Kojeegee, The First Daigee

Daigees are clones of Daieegee that have his DNA.

Origin of the Daigees

When Daieegee exited Fakegee's cloning machine he wanted to learn about himself. He checked his DNA and found he did not have Fakegee DNA or Weegee's DNA. He discovered the Fakegee DNA and Weegee's DNA destroyed each other. Then new DNA began to form in Daieegee's body. After that, he traveled to the Forgotiverse, and recreated what it looked like when it was habitable. He quickly brought the Yingor back from extinction. The Yingor made a cloning machine just for Daieegee. He then made the first Daigee, Kojeegee.

Examples of Daigees

Here are examples of Daigees that have been made from oldest to newest:

  1. Kojeegee
  2. Yingee
  3. Eegee
  4. Croceegee
  5. Albert the Daigee
  6. Hafeegee