Fakegee 1

Fakegee 1 is a fakegee that was hired to hunt down Daieegee. He is the founder and head fakegee of the Confederacy of the Fakegee Mercenaries (CFM). 

Life Before the CFM

Not alot is known about Fakegee 1's past life before the CFM. The only thing that is known is that he used to sell human weapons to other fakegees in the multiverse.

Wanted Notice for the Weegeeverse

The notice says this:

To all residents of the Weegeeverse, there is a criminal known as Fakegee 1 that is assasinating random civilians. If you see this man please inform the Federal Weegeeverse Bureau of Investigation immediately. If you are going to attempt to turn him in, proceed with caution. He is well armed and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.