Fakegee 2

Fakegee 2 is a cyborg that was hired to hunt down Daieegee. He works for the CFM.

Life Before he was a Cyborg

He was once a star gazer that always wondered if their was more than the multiverse. One day he signed up for Project Resurrection, a project that was created to reconstruct the Forgotiverse, and was captured by pirates. He was tortured by the noises he heard outside of the starship. He was then decapitated by a flying blade due to the antimatter bomb's detonation. He was then reconstructed by a fakegee scientist.

Recruitment to the CFM

Fakegee 1 encouraged Fakegee 2 to join the CFM because he was a major technical expert. Fakegee 2 joined because of Fakegee 1 noticing Fakegee 2's technical skills. Fakegee 2 advanced the CFM so much with technology that if he would not have joined the CFM, they would have had to give up hunting for Daieegee.