Kojeegee AKA Arukeegee

Kojeegee, The First Daigee

Kojeegee was the first Daigee ever to be made. He is also known as Arukeegee.


When the Yingor gave Daieegee a very advanced cloning machine, Daieegee immediately knew what to do. He turned the machine on, and inserted his DNA in the machine. He watched in joy as his first clone was made. He asked the clone what he wanted to be named. The clone said "I want to be Kojeegee." Daieegee agreed and classified his clone as a Daigee. 

Scar of Noruko

2 hours after his creation, Kojeegee started to explore the Daieegeeverse. He went to the planet Vookyra, not knowing the planet was having a World War. He was clawed by a Vookyre Communist. Kojeegee had so much pain in his face that he destroyed all of the communists on the planet. The people of Vookyra were so happy that they wanted to elect Kojeegee as the ruler of Vookyra. Kojeegee declined, saying he killed too many people.