Follow all of these rules, otherwise you will be banned!

1. Absolutely no spamming, vandalizing, or trolling this wiki

2. No pornography or any innapropiate content

3. No making any rules targeting a person's age, race, sexuality, or gender

4. You must have proper grammar! If a page you make does not have proper grammar, it will be deleted.

5. No top 10 lists.

6. Absolutely no Anonymous Users or Wikia Contributers. (Make a profile if you want to join the wiki)

7. No insulting the Weegee Meme or Daieegee

8. No Anti-Fakegees allowed! If you post Anti-Fakegees, you will be banned

9. Never make someone an admin or chat moderator because he or she is your friend or because of a deal. (This applies for all bureaucrats and admins)

10. Do not harass or threaten other users. That is an easy way to be banned.

11. Absolutely no kicking or banning people from chat for no reason. (That will have your moderator rights taken away as soon as possible)

12. Do not say severe curse words.